How VR can change dating ?

  • [align=justify]When we think about online dating the first thing we think about is talking to a stranger through chatting then deciding a time to meet offline if we hit things of online but most often than not things don’t end up going well. [b]So, what if we redesign the way we do things in online dating ?[/b] As technology evolves and new tech becomes the norm the standards for online dating will change rapidly. [url='']eHarmony[/url] one of the largest online dating sites have predicted that [b]by 2014 VR online dating will have become the normal means of communicating[/b] when finding dates online. Wondering why one of the leading online dating sites would make such a claim? Well the reason is simple, VR technology when coupled with online dating site practices provides a much more efficient and effective method of meeting people online. Rather than spending hours or even days texting each other back and forth then taking time from your busy schedule to go and meet up with someone that might or might not be interested in your or the other way around, you can simply meet your match in a VR space online and see whether you like them or not. Seems too far down the line you say? You’ll be surprised to know is already happening. Services like vTime and Twinity are already providing services that allow people to [b]meet online in virtual space using 3D avatars, talk and interact with one another[/b] before deciding to meet offline. Wondering how real the online VR dating meet ups feel? Surprisingly real! Using services like [url=''][color=#008000][u]vTime[/u][/color][/url][color=#008000][/color] and [url=''][color=#008000][u]Twinity[/u][/color][/url] you feel like you are actually meeting each other face to face or rather avatar to avatar in an online place that can take the theme you want like sitting on a mountains edge while watching the sunset or in a forest at dusk or a fancy hotel room. Furthermore a variety of VR products beside VR headsets are being developed that will allow people to further enhance the way they communicate with and interact with one another using Virtual Reality as a medium. The thing we need to keep in mind is that VR is still in its infancy stage. [b]The era of VR has just begun[/b] and if we keep innovating at the same rate in a matter of years the VR dating landscape will surely change for the better with implementation of VR technology.[/align]