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    It has been rumoured that Google is creating a high end virtual reality headset that is way better in performance than the Oculus and HTC vive. Unlike the previous version of Google VR headset i.e. Google DayDream, this headset will not require a cell phone to use. The new Google DayDream 2 will be self powered. This will let you enjoy all in one experience.

    How it is better than previous Google VR’s ?

    Google Daydream 2 gives you a simple way to experience 360 degree games, videos and
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  • GoPro finally released its VR camera that lets you capture and record 360 videos in professional quality and provide an immersive experience that is extremely rare among the 360 video camera lineup we get today. GoPro VR Camera: Omni is a professional Virtual Reality camera that is ideal for recording extreme sports such as sky diving, in stunning 360 videos with high quality!

    But how exactly did GoPro evolve in to being on the best VR camera manufacturers today? Let’s find out!

    What is GoPro
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  • vrBackupper is the first and only stable software out right now that lets you install Oculus rift data in other drives, back up VR data and games for safe keeping or for migrating the data to another device.

    Virtual Reality has made amazing progress in the last few years but even so it’s still in its infancy and has a lot of more potential to grow. Since VR is still relatively new, not all the bugs and issues have been resolved but the most frustrating issue is the lack of safety measures as
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  • When we think about online dating the first thing we think about is talking to a stranger through chatting then deciding a time to meet offline if we hit things of online but most often than not things don’t end up going well. So, what if we redesign the way we do things in online dating ?

    As technology evolves and new tech becomes the norm the standards for online dating will change rapidly. eHarmony one of the largest online dating sites have predicted that by 2014 VR online dating will have
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  • As the world is progressing in the field of technology, everything is seen in a new dimension. Life has become so easy that we humans don’t need to do much labor; instead technology has made everything so comfortable.

    In the stream of technology one more thing is added which is MAGIC LEAP. It is a statement of visualizing things differently. It is basically seeing the world with digital 3D graphics, with the help of headset, smart glasses or transparent lenses.

    What is Magic Leap ?

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  • Virtual Reality: A magnificent game-changer in healthcare or an expensive appendage?

    Too often, we get to see virtual reality making headlines for their potential to transform our interactions in varying environments. And while notable VR technologies like Oculus Rift has been making its mark within the gaming continuum, there many other forms of digital media that virtual reality is challenging nowadays. One such facet is healthcare.

    Imagine a neurosurgeon doctor taking a 3D walkthrough of
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  • Virtual reality is actually becoming the biggest market after the smartphone revolution. As we enter in 2017, the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality would be cheaper and better for consumers, handy for Enterprises.

    All in all, 2017 will mark the start of a new era for the next big thing, the later half of 2016 manifested the beginning of an ever-growing market with Sony introducing PlayStation 4 VR, Facebook buying Oculus Rift for $2 Billion and launching of HTC Vive VR Edition.

    The way
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  • Even though the first ever Oculus Rift had a great launch and reception, Facebook is already hard at work on its sequel. Mark Zuckerberg, in a presentation earlier in 2016 few months after the launch of much-awaited Oculus Rift VR Headset has shown few glimpses of the next model, i.e. Oculus Rift 2.

    The device is still in the beginner stages, yet it is going to be the best available headset when it hits the market. With Mark’s demonstration and Facebook confirming that Oculus Rift CV2 is going
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  • Apple being the principal player in the American and European smartphone market hasn’t played its card until now. With no official Apple VR Headset, iPhone users are still confused which device is better for them to use.

    Android is leading the Virtual Reality market for the last couple of years, Google cardboard was a huge success with a lower price per unit and available in any part of the world. However, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple has indicated that they are cooking something inside their
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  • As the time is passing by, VR Technology is growing so fast that it’s difficult to stop it now. VR Technology has brought a wonderful change in our life. In the wave of Virtual reality tech a new thing is going to be adding soon.

    Yes! It is HTC vive 2, an amazing device. HTC is one of the popular companies for its smartphones and accessories which has also made its place in VR tech and its headset HTC Vive is known as one of the best virtual reality headset.

    Soon in 2017 HTC Vive 2 is
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  • As of this current year, virtual reality has authoritatively gone up against the gaming scene, and VR headsets will be gigantic on Christmas on most gamers' lists of things to get.

    What's more, in spite of the way that there are just a couple of headsets that are created enough to think of it as, can even now be troublesome choosing which headset is ideal for your blessing giving needs.

    Virtual Reality is portrayed by some as the best specialized improvement in present day time. Regardless of
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  • PlayStation VR is launched, which means it's an ideal opportunity to quit discussing the equipment and begin discussing about games what's vital now. We thought it'd be great for everybody on the off chance that we set up together a manual for the upcoming PlayStation VR games 2017.


    In the game itself you seem to fill the role of a space explorer examining the vanishing of your space-faring partners over the caverns, deserts and precipices of a secretive planet swarmed with 8-legged
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  • Introduction

    VR stands for virtual reality. It is actually a headset which is used to generated images and sounds that are realistic and close to the real world. There are many competitors in this field, the best of which are HTC Vive, Sony, Apple and Samsung. The virtual reality Technologies of all these companies has their own advantages and disadvantages. The primary emphasis of my review is on the Samsung Company which started their first virtual reality headset in the year 2014. The latest
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  • The PlayStation VR enters the market on October 13, 2016.To help new owners get a taking care of on the equipment we're strolling you through the PlayStation VR setup procedure to help you design the PSVR and ensure everything is working rightfully.

    How to connect and setup everything

    - First things first switch off PS4 and TV.
    - With the HDMI provided with PS4 connect the processor unit and TV. On the off chance that PS4 is connected with TV then unplug the HDMI from PS4 and connect it to
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  • Answers revolving basic guidelines of PlayStation VR games and PS in general along with five best PS4 VR games.

    PlayStation is the project of Sony entertainment which started back in early 90’s, to be exact 1991. Honestly speaking, it was quite a risk for Sony to come up with the idea of producing and manufacturing, first ever PS (PlayStation) in the original form.
    Now that there are couple of other versions, it has more demand for what it sells in the live and best form of PlayStation VR… [Read More]