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  • It took long time to manufacture PlayStation VR. But after this entire wait we finally have hands, eyes and ears on Play Station VR 2016. The old playstation VR wasn’t as powerful as some of its competitors. But it is less expensive than their offering and you can run this VR headset from your existing PlayStation 4. Once you are running this device it is a lot of fun to use it. The SONY company is asked a question that how it will update its VR accessories in the future? Before this
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  • With Virtual Reality becoming a major topic in the entertainment world, companies are trying to get their hands on their own VR headsets; trying to manufacture and sell them and tap into the massive potential of this new platform.

    There have been a lot of virtual reality headsets which are in the works, from Lenovo’s VR headset to Star VR’s enthusiast grade HMD, we are seeing both massive improvement in the manufacturing process and technologies used in the headsets as well as a great
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  • In 2016 Microsoft announced that it was working with a number of different developers such as Acer, ASUS, and Dell to develop mixed reality headsets. At this year's Game Developers Conference, Microsoft showed off the first fruits of its labour: A mixed reality headset from Acer VR headset. Means that the company is moving forward to try and grow its augmented and virtual reality aims beyond the Holo Lens headset.

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  • Samsung Gear VR is one of the first and best mobile HMD’s on the market, created by Samsung as mentioned before is extremely versatile; other than the comfortable head strap and an acceptable weight of 318g (0.3KG), the device provides a relaxed gaming experiences, especially in those long marathons (if you don’t get nauseous that is).

    Samsung has been releasing different variants of the Gear VR, the first one, Samsung Gear VR 1 was released back in 2015 following by an improved variant Gear
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  • The PlayStation VR is an amazing piece of VR tech that is both enjoyable and easy to use. Since, I’ve bought it I’ve been loving it a lot and play on it more than a couple of times a day. I’ve had absolutely no trouble while playing with the PS VR but storage has been somewhat of an annoyance.

    The PS VR headset system can really clutter up your surroundings, the running wires spreading everywhere along with the PlayStation camera and VR headset can really clutter your surroundings. So if you
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  • Google’s VR headset the DayDream is one of the finest headsets to come out mainly due to how comfortable they are and how affordable they are while retaining a high quality VR experience. Naturally, after its success many people are more than excited for the upcoming Google DayDream 2.

    After only a couple, short months of accessibility on store shelves and at the Google Store, the new platform has already seen a variety of new app releases to keep you engaged, as Netflix VR and HBO Now VR.

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  • As the world is progressing in the field of technology, everything is seen in a new dimension. Life has become so easy that we humans don’t need to do much labor; instead technology has made everything so comfortable.

    In the stream of technology one more thing is added which is MAGIC LEAP. It is a statement of visualizing things differently. It is basically seeing the world with digital 3D graphics, with the help of headset, smart glasses or transparent lenses.

    What is Magic Leap ?

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  • Even though the first ever Oculus Rift had a great launch and reception, Facebook is already hard at work on its sequel. Mark Zuckerberg, in a presentation earlier in 2016 few months after the launch of much-awaited Oculus Rift VR Headset has shown few glimpses of the next model, i.e. Oculus Rift 2.

    The device is still in the beginner stages, yet it is going to be the best available headset when it hits the market. With Mark’s demonstration and Facebook confirming that Oculus Rift CV2 is going
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  • Apple being the principal player in the American and European smartphone market hasn’t played its card until now. With no official Apple VR Headset, iPhone users are still confused which device is better for them to use.

    Android is leading the Virtual Reality market for the last couple of years, Google cardboard was a huge success with a lower price per unit and available in any part of the world. However, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple has indicated that they are cooking something inside their
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  • As the time is passing by, VR Technology is growing so fast that it’s difficult to stop it now. VR Technology has brought a wonderful change in our life. In the wave of Virtual reality tech a new thing is going to be adding soon.

    Yes! It is HTC vive 2, an amazing device. HTC is one of the popular companies for its smartphones and accessories which has also made its place in VR tech and its headset HTC Vive is known as one of the best virtual reality headset.

    Soon in 2017 HTC Vive 2 is
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  • As of this current year, virtual reality has authoritatively gone up against the gaming scene, and VR headsets will be gigantic on Christmas on most gamers' lists of things to get.

    What's more, in spite of the way that there are just a couple of headsets that are created enough to think of it as, can even now be troublesome choosing which headset is ideal for your blessing giving needs.

    Virtual Reality is portrayed by some as the best specialized improvement in present day time. Regardless of
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  • Introduction

    VR stands for virtual reality. It is actually a headset which is used to generated images and sounds that are realistic and close to the real world. There are many competitors in this field, the best of which are HTC Vive, Sony, Apple and Samsung. The virtual reality Technologies of all these companies has their own advantages and disadvantages. The primary emphasis of my review is on the Samsung Company which started their first virtual reality headset in the year 2014. The latest
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  • The PlayStation VR enters the market on October 13, 2016.To help new owners get a taking care of on the equipment we're strolling you through the PlayStation VR setup procedure to help you design the PSVR and ensure everything is working rightfully.

    How to connect and setup everything

    - First things first switch off PS4 and TV.
    - With the HDMI provided with PS4 connect the processor unit and TV. On the off chance that PS4 is connected with TV then unplug the HDMI from PS4 and connect it to
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  • Fancy getting yourself a virtual fact headset however not positive which one? It is a bit early to clearly buy one proper now: most headsets, like the Oculus Rift, are developer's kits that value a pretty penny. Others, like the Samsung Gear VR, do not have sufficient content and are steeply-priced, too. However, there's one headset available this is effortlessly the most accessible, and also an arguably fun diy mission: Google Cardboard.

    Due to the fact all you are buying is Cardboard,
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  • Are you game lover ? Oh yes, then there is a great news because Sony has decided to launch its own VR headset which is compatible with Playstation 4 and that's the reason it has given the name Sony Playstation VR. The Sony VR is going to hit the virtual reality market because we already have VR headsets for PC and Smartphones but not the one that is specially designed for games so it's a gift for gamers which is specially designed for PlayStation 4 to experience virtual reality while playing
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  • The time has passed away when people used to ask the question what is a Virtual reality? because now the technology of virtual reality has been spread all over the world, and due do this trending technology now there are many headsets in the market and people have a question in mind that which one is the best VR headset? Now in this article, I am going to review Samsung Gear and read about its specs and feature so that decision of buying become easy. Here is the review of Virtual Reality
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  • The future is here. You’ll listen to that frequently from the ones discussing virtual reality – and especially the Oculus Rift. :thumbsup:

    They’re now not incorrect. The Oculus Rift is surely the begin of something certainly special, a brand new shape of gadget interplay that sows the seeds for no longer best a gaming revlution, however, a technological and social one too.

    For greater than two weeks using the Oculus Rift, I've immersed myself in awe-inspiring worlds and gobbled each viable VR
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  • In the world of Virtual Reality till now there are two big names one is HTC Vive, and the other is Oculus Rift. Both of the VR headsets are finally available to the consumers, both devices are awesome, but the problem is that people are unable to decide that which VR headset is best to buy. So making it simple for the users know which one is the best? We have compared both of them on the basis of its features lets give a read.


    It is the most important function of virtual reality. The
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  • Now Neglect smartphones, HTC now wants to take you to locations you in no way dreamed possible. Its new Vive digital reality headset has just gone on sale, and these device goggles are the future of a night time interior.
    From the consolation of your sofa you can hit a digital golf route, ruin a volley on the tennis courtroom, head deep below the ocean or maybe deeper into the area.
    Each day star online has been fortunate sufficient to get our fingers on the HTC Vive and here’s how we
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  • Right here's the whole thing you want to recognize approximately what VR is and the way it's going to have an effect on your life in the close to destiny.

    So what is Virtual Reality?

    Virtual Reality is a computer-generated environment that helps you to enjoy an exceptional truth and experiences a different Reality. A VR headset suits around your head and over your eyes, and visually separates you from something area you are bodily occupying. Images are fed to your eyes from small lenses.
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