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  • VR is changing almost all fields of every industry ranging from games to porn and even to sports. Virtual Reality is still in its infancy and yet has proven to be much more than a temporary fad with actual chances of completely revolutionizing the way with interact and use technology. VR is already being used to change how athletes can prepare for sports and how people can use VR to watch sports but how much does VR effect the world of eSports?

    We’ve seen many new technologies that fail to
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  • PlayStation VR is launched, which means it's an ideal opportunity to quit discussing the equipment and begin discussing about games what's vital now. We thought it'd be great for everybody on the off chance that we set up together a manual for the upcoming PlayStation VR games 2017.


    In the game itself you seem to fill the role of a space explorer examining the vanishing of your space-faring partners over the caverns, deserts and precipices of a secretive planet swarmed with 8-legged
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  • Answers revolving basic guidelines of PlayStation VR games and PS in general along with five best PS4 VR games.

    PlayStation is the project of Sony entertainment which started back in early 90’s, to be exact 1991. Honestly speaking, it was quite a risk for Sony to come up with the idea of producing and manufacturing, first ever PS (PlayStation) in the original form.
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  • Are you game lover ? Oh yes, then there is a great news because Sony has decided to launch its own VR headset which is compatible with Playstation 4 and that's the reason it has given the name Sony Playstation VR. The Sony VR is going to hit the virtual reality market because we already have VR headsets for PC and Smartphones but not the one that is specially designed for games so it's a gift for gamers which is specially designed for PlayStation 4 to experience virtual reality while playing
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  • The virtual fact will be a reality in 2016. Flagship devices inclusive of the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are already out, and Sony's PlayStationVR may be released once the headset launches this October.

    The developing interest in the generation and its coming near industrial availability way sports builders are presently scrambling to get titles out. Sony claims that extra than a hundred titles might be geared up for its headset while the machine is launched. There are already some exciting
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