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  • Amid the opening introduction at this year’s Unity Vision Summit, Nathan Martz, Developer Platforms Product Manager at Google, made a big appearance to discuss new tools that the organization is releasing to help developers make superior apps for Daydream, Google's top of the line Android VR platform.

    Having released the VR Daydream headset and phone in late 2016, Martz said the following stride is to develop and improve the platform.
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  • Parents know that their children live in their own little worlds. Worlds made up of their hopes and dreams. Unlike the simple worlds adults see, the world of a child is filled with mysteries and incomprehensible beings that make it worthwhile for them to explore new things. Worlds spinning around that one dearest big name whose name you continue overlooking. This brings up the issue: Don't children require a more grounded association with this present reality – rather than Virtual Reality?

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  • At a glance, the topic of what the broad impact of VR on the gaming industry could be might seem like one that’s been discussed to no end. The truth is that we don’t talk about this very often. We discuss VR’s power and impact in other industries such as interior design, travel, education, and science, and more. But where gaming is concerned, we tend to have a little too much fun talking about specific headsets and software titles. The impact is a bit harder to define, but we’re going to give
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  • When the concept of virtual reality was first realized, it was contained primarily within video games or home entertainment. The capability for creating virtual reality products was there in the 1990s, but the quality wasn’t of a sufficient standard to make VR products for the mass market. Since the turn of the century, though, VR technology has evolved extraordinarily and now we can use it for so many purposes – including visualizing the results of prospective home renovation.

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  • Virtual Reality doesn’t just have the potential to put us right in the middle of the action in sports but also has enough potential to help athletes train for a big game
    What was once observed as dream, virtual-reality innovation is rapidly entering the sports world, and it's changing the way coaches lead practice and prepare both youthful and veteran players. Things that would just have lived in somebody's creative energy 20-25 years back are currently getting to be substances

    Two men who are
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  • RedBull at first began off as a caffeinated drink mark from Thailand that later required to wind up distinctly the most unmistakable outrageous game/media outlet on the planet. It generally stuns me how RedBull got to where they are at today, positioning #74 on Forbe's rundown "World's Most Valuable Brands" at 7.9 billion USD.

    But that isn’t enough to stop RedBull from innovating and finding new ways to expand in the craziest yet amazing ways.

    In what seems to be like the next big thing from
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  • vrBackupper is the first and only stable software out right now that lets you install Oculus rift data in other drives, back up VR data and games for safe keeping or for migrating the data to another device.

    Virtual Reality has made amazing progress in the last few years but even so it’s still in its infancy and has a lot of more potential to grow. Since VR is still relatively new, not all the bugs and issues have been resolved but the most frustrating issue is the lack of safety measures as
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  • When we think about online dating the first thing we think about is talking to a stranger through chatting then deciding a time to meet offline if we hit things of online but most often than not things don’t end up going well. So, what if we redesign the way we do things in online dating ?

    As technology evolves and new tech becomes the norm the standards for online dating will change rapidly. eHarmony one of the largest online dating sites have predicted that by 2014 VR online dating will have
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  • Virtual Reality: A magnificent game-changer in healthcare or an expensive appendage?

    Too often, we get to see virtual reality making headlines for their potential to transform our interactions in varying environments. And while notable VR technologies like Oculus Rift has been making its mark within the gaming continuum, there many other forms of digital media that virtual reality is challenging nowadays. One such facet is healthcare.

    Imagine a neurosurgeon doctor taking a 3D walkthrough of
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