HTC Vive VS Oculus Rift

  • In the world of Virtual Reality till now there are two big names one is HTC Vive, and the other is Oculus Rift. Both of the VR headsets are finally available to the consumers, both devices are awesome, but the problem is that people are unable to decide that which VR headset is best to buy. So making it simple for the users know which one is the best? We have compared both of them on the basis of its features lets give a read.


    It is the most important function of virtual reality. The headset itself is the core of any VR system. Virtual Reality depends on a head-mounted display, which can fill the field of view with an image and correctly track each and every tiny movement you make while looking around.

    Both the headsets has a display of 1,080 by 1,200 pixel for each eye with a degree of 110 field view and a 90Hz refresh rate. Both the headphones are composed of motion sensors and work with external beacons to accurately track the head movement. Moreover, honestly, both the devices present similar video and motion-sensing performance.

    Video - Winner: Tie


    The video is almost directly connected with audio, which is also important. Headphones provide noise in both devices Vive and the Rift. The Vive has 3.55mm headphone jack which you can use with the included headphones or either with your favorite headphone pair, while the Rift has built-in-on-ear headphones. So accordingly in this Oculus Rift is a better and easy option to use because the headphone jack of Vive adds another wire to panic about while using the headset, and getting a pair of headphone to sit relax can be difficult. The Rift and Vive both consist built-in microphones for commands and voice communication.

    Sound - Winner: Oculus Rift


    Now coming towards controllers which also play a major role, the Rift consist of a standard wireless Xbox One controller and also a little Oculus remote control. Most of the gamers are familiar with Xbox controller but seems like a stopgap until Oculus specialized touch controllers will launch later this year.

    While HTC Vive comes with two specialized controllers that are designed to work with lighthouse system. It has a haptic touch wheel for your thumb to give an enormous amount of control in most of the Vive games, and a squeeze button on each controller. HTC Vive controllers can track with a remarkable accuracy so simply the Vive Controllers are kind of cool, so the Rift controller may become the same later but till now Vive is superior over Rift.

    Controllers - Winner: HTC Vive

    Headset And comfort

    The headset of Rift is light and sleek unexpectedly and fits cozy on your head without being tight. Similarly, the Oculus headset is covered in a black material that is too soft, looks nice and like cloth, but it easily assembles dust and dirt. But if you will wear it too tight it will leave red lines on your face and may pain.

    While the Vive headset is significantly larger than the Rift but it is pretty comfortable, it entirely blocks the every kind of light from outside and enables you to turn on the front camera to see what's in front of you. As compared to Rift the Vive headset is easy and more comfortable it, Simply it's over expectations.

    Headset and comfort - Winner: HTC Vive


    As VR is a complicated technology but not too much complicated in the case of use. The installation process in case of Rift is too much simple; you just have to download the software of Oculus, plug the headset into a 3.0 USB port, and plug the external sensor in another 3.0 USB port. After all, you just have to follow some simple steps in software put the headset in your head and get ready to use it.

    The Vive setup is a bit complex, it consists of a small link box which plays a role of a bridge between your PC and headset. USB and HDMI must be connected from PC to connect box with the help of included cables, and then the connection should be given from the link box to the headset through the attached HDMI/USB cable. And similarly, you have to connect the headset separately to link box, and hook the link box up to power through a wall adapter. Now you can use Vive.

    Setup - Winner: Oculus Rift


    Let's come towards price, which may be a more important factor for most of the people. The price of Rift is $600 while the price of Vive is $800, which is more than Rift but Vive gives you whole room for VR and motion control for the extra $200. Rift price is relatively less than HTC Vive, but this will change in the coming times when its Oculus Touch motion controllers will be released. The Rift may become more expensive later but until then relatively Rift is less expensive.


    HTC Vive VS Oculus Rift, which one is the best? So choosing one among both of them is tough because the competition is too close between both VR devices, both the devices are pretty Great, both of them are high Quality, both need high power and expensive to work, both have a good video and sound. In case of price Vive is a bit expensive than the Rift but when it comes to point comfort than I would personally prefer Vive because it is more comfortable than Rift also it have specialized controllers, while Rift may be superior in the future when it launches its Oculus touch controllers but till now HTC Vive is the best ( personal preference ).

    Overall winner : HTC Vive :thumbup:

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