PlayStation VR 2: What & When To Expect

  • It took long time to manufacture PlayStation VR. But after this entire wait we finally have hands, eyes and ears on Play Station VR 2016. The old playstation VR wasn’t as powerful as some of its competitors. But it is less expensive than their offering and you can run this VR headset from your existing PlayStation 4. Once you are running this device it is a lot of fun to use it. The SONY company is asked a question that how it will update its VR accessories in the future? Before this everybody has seen the PlayStation 4 update in the form of Sony PlayStation 4 Pro. So the update for Play Station VR 2016 is “Sony PlayStation VR 2

    We are going to discuss everything we know so far about the new SONY Play Station VR 2 below.

    The story of PSVR

    To get a hint about where SONY is heading in the future lets revise some history. I hope you all remember the days when the VR headset was known as Project Morpheus. According to the engineers of SONY the development of Project Morpheus or the SONY PlayStation VR began back in 2011, but according to other VR offering companies such as Oculus, Samsung and HTC the new technology of VR hardware vision has developed in last couple of years.

    The Project Morpheus was officially announced at the Game Developers conference in March 2014 as a bit of kit. At that time it appeared very much as it seems today.
    It would be another two-and-a-half years before the PlayStation VR would go on sale, having changed its name along the way.

    The official launch date of the SONY Play Station VR headset was 13th of October 2016. At that time the PlayStation VR was launched at a price of $399 or £349.
    The above story of PlayStation VR tells a bit about PlayStation VR 2 but not too much.

    But the launch date and manufacturing date of the PlayStation VR 2016 tells us that as far as it is concerned with VR, SONY is interested to get everything perfect rather than to launch a new product in a rush. SONY has kept a secret that how many PlayStation VR hardware vision they have sold so far. About its impact on market the analyst does not seem particularly optimistic.

    SONY Play Station VR 2 Release date (PSVR 2)

    It is cleared that if 2016 was the year when virtual reality positively broke through into the consumer market. Then 2017 is the year when the virtual reality hardware visions has to prove its staying power.

    In different words manufactures have proved that they can actually manufacture this hardware together in form that tends to work at a price which is reasonable and affordable to the consumer market of the virtual reality hardware vision.

    But the question is : will anyone will want to purchase any of it?

    Consumer demand and sales figures are likely to have some influence on when we can expect to see the Sony PlayStation VR 2 arrive - if no one wants to buy the first incarnation then Sony is likely to take longer over the second one (PlayStation VR 2) to make sure it is a hit.

    As we only know the launch date of PlayStation VR 2016 so predicting the release date of Play Station VR 2 is quite tricky. Due to the gap between the manufacturing date and the release date of Play Station VR we cannot expect PlayStation VR 2 (PSVR 2) in 2017 or even in 2018.

    The release date also depends on when the new Play Station 5 (PS 5) appears in the market for consumers. But Sony's next-generation console is slated for a 2020 launch, so this a quite long time period to wait.

    It is obvious that SONY will upgrade its PlayStation VR when it is required. And we know that the 2016’s PlayStation VR is working fine with the both PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 4 pro. So there is no requirement or need to release a playStation VR version 2.0 until the other hardware (PlayStation 4 pro) gets an update.

    So from the above discussion we conclude a bad news that we might not be able to see the new PlayStation VR 2 (PS VR 2) for few years, but we also conclude a god news that it will be lot more powerful than the previous PlayStation VR when it finally arrives.

    Specs and Rumours Regarding Play Station VR 2 (PSVR2)

    Right now as you need to separate a PlayStation VR (PS VR) processing unit between your console and the headset, but this is not going to happen second time around. It is expected that the new PlayStation 5 will have the enough power to driver virtual reality headset on its own. Till now it is not cleared that SONY will make the Play Station VR 2 (PS VR 2) compatible with older consoles. Usual hardware upgrades can be expected from SONY. The Play Station VR 2 will have the following upgrades:
    • Higher quality resolution display than the previous Play Station VR version
    • More advanced graphics than the previous Play Station VR version
    • And good audio capabilities than the previous Play Station VR version
    • The Play Station VR has a 5.7-inch, 960 x 1,080 OLED display for each eye, the newer version (PS VR 2) will have a better display graphics than this version.
    • HTC and Oculus are looking for better hardware and better controllers and also for wireless connectivity, so that you get yourself free from being chained to your console. By the time Play Station VR 2 appears, it is expected that the technology will be advanced enough to allow a cable free console experience.
    • No doubt The PS VR 2 will be lighter and more comfortable too. - Virtual Reality Forum, Blog and Videos

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  • Peder Aas33 -

    :=) 2020? no no no! If Sony doesn't launch a next generation PSVR close to the next Vive wave, which I'm pretty sure will be launched in 2017 or 2018, there will be mass emigration away from Sony PSVR. The next Vive will have 8k resolution (2x4k) which is a quantum leap up from the first generation. My main issue with the PSVR is the resolution. Some game developers refuse to produce their games for the PSVR due to it's limitation (Project Car 2 is doubtful for PSVR because they feel they have to make too many compromises), which in my view is understandable. How do you think PSVR will fare after the Microsoft vr launch for instance? I believe they are going to lose market share big time. I'm considering purchasing a Microsoft vr myself actually.

    • Tw1tcHy -

      Lol no. No way in hell is the next Vive going to be 8k, we'd be lucky to get it in 4k and Sony is almost certainly going to wait a few years until the next console is released to release a new VR headset

    • topyingsarah -

      i have a smart vr machine that compatible with all vr apps based on andriod,unity 3D and so on.2560* compatible with Xbox360,PS4 to playing 3D games in a great effect.

    • Denis -

      Playstation vr 2 was released last october 14 in japan. I wonder when will it available in the market. Do i have to wait? When?Are they going to release it? Because i dont want to waste money i buy now then after a few months a new one will come out

    • Denis -

      Feel free to email me for updates. When will it release. This year? Or next year.