Red Bull VR Platform : Climb profound into the earth

  • RedBull at first began off as a caffeinated drink mark from Thailand that later required to wind up distinctly the most unmistakable outrageous game/media outlet on the planet. It generally stuns me how RedBull got to where they are at today, positioning #74 on Forbe's rundown "World's Most Valuable Brands" at 7.9 billion USD.

    But that isn’t enough to stop RedBull from innovating and finding new ways to expand in the craziest yet amazing ways.

    In what seems to be like the next big thing from RedBull, the new VR platform lets you draw near to Mother Nature and experience her compel more than ever. In this dazzling 360 VR video by RedBull, climb profound into the earth close by with adventurer Ella Lohmann and her better half Sebastian Hofmann into the volcano lava lake not at all like any you've seen some time recently.

    The video was shot to see the full scene of Red Bull's Explorers series, you can download the app here and watch it at whatever point you like. The volcano is situated in Vanuatu, a nation situated in the South Pacific Ocean made up of many islands. Volcanoes in this locale are probably the most perilous on the planet, and the deadliest one being the Benbow volcano.

    But that isn’t all there is to the new VR platform by RedBull. RedBull VR lets you experience thing you could never imagine. it's a completely unique and amazing experience to stand and gaze down into the Adriatic Sea before pushing off and diving 28 meters into the surf.

    Red Bull VR gives you a chance to venture out at a standout amongst the most fantastic stops on the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series visit: Polignano a Mare, Italy. The five-minute 360° VR activity clasp is an amazing inside take a gander at the highlights from the challenge, demonstrating everything from the jumpers' startling POV, to submerged shots catching the minute they hit the water.

    Red Bull Virtual Reality takes watchers to inaccessible sweet spots of the world: from Italy's Adriatic coastline precipices, the skies above Dachstein in Austria, to the edges of high rises in Kuala Lumpur and that's just the beginning. The spellbinding VR stories can be experienced on by means of desktops, cell phones, and tablets, utilizing the track cushion or touch screen for navigation.

    A completely immersive split-screen choice for every story is accessible for clients of Head Mounted Displays, Console VR Headsets or projection accessories that combine with many advanced mobile phones. - Virtual Reality Forum, Blog and Videos

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