DOUBI Charging & Display Vertical Stand : a great PS VR accessory

  • The PlayStation VR is an amazing piece of VR tech that is both enjoyable and easy to use. Since, I’ve bought it I’ve been loving it a lot and play on it more than a couple of times a day. I’ve had absolutely no trouble while playing with the PS VR but storage has been somewhat of an annoyance.

    The PS VR headset system can really clutter up your surroundings, the running wires spreading everywhere along with the PlayStation camera and VR headset can really clutter your surroundings. So if you want to use the PS4 controller of PS Move controller it will only add more to the tangle of wires.

    To organize your PS4 & PS VR Gaming System you need a display stand that can keep it all organized and tidy. The DOUBI Charging & Display Vertical Stand keeps your console and accessories safe, tangle free, and organized.

    Design & Storage

    The DOUBI Charging & Display Vertical Stand looks a quite a lot like a desk stand. The stand looks elegant and looks like as if designed specifically to be used as central hub for your PS gaming System.

    The he DOUBI Charging & Display Vertical Stand is designed to store the PS VR headset, the PS4 Gaming console, along with 2 dual shock controller sand 2 PS Move controllers while keeping the tangling of the wires to a minimum.

    The Console sits as the base of the stand whereas the VR headset is mounted safely on top. The top front of stand has a solid curved surface that lets the VR headset rest gently on it, while the back holds a wide strip of plastic to keep it firmly and safely in place. The console is positioned vertically and the back end of the sand can be used to hand your headphones which is a nice feature that many Charging & Display Stands don’t have.


    Since the PlayStation VR gets power independently through its processor box, the charging some portion of the Charge and Display Station is entirely for the controllers. Two PlayStation Move controllers can sit in the round breaks at the base of the stand, and two holders designed specifically for Move Controllers help keep them adjusted until they're you want to take them out.

    Essentially, the charging dock for the DualShock 4 has a vertical dual charging station that guarantees the charging contacts associate with the controller when it's set up. There are no pointer lights anyplace on the unit, however the DualShock 4's power bar and the PlayStation Move's red light which turn on when charging are easily visible when charging turns on.


    The DOUBI Charging & Display Vertical Stand isn’t a necessity but is definitely a luxury that you need to have if you want a clutter and tangle free room and organized storage for your PlayStation Gaming System. Since the design is elegant and stylish it looks extremely good and provides easy access to every piece of your PS4 hardware while keeping them safe and organized.

    You can buy The DOUBI Charging & Display Vertical Stand right now for only $45 from Amazon Store. - Virtual Reality Forum, Blog and Videos

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  • Scott A -

    I purchased and and am in the process of returning this stand. This charging station does not supply enough power (using the PS4 USB's) to charge controllers while the PS4 is OFF. While off I can charge only 1 Move controller, if I place a controller in the sock it will power off the station. While the PS4 is on the controllers charge fine ( woth the exception of one move controller slot which seems to never charge ) but having your PS4 on to charge kind of defeats the purchase. Overall its garbage.

    • DOUBI_Admin -

      Hi Scott A
      Thanks for share your Purchase Problem. And so sorry bring some trouble to you. We hope could slove your Problem well.
      - All Power by the PS4 or Other Device. But you need keep the Console on when you charge.

      And we have check your words and you maybe get a Defective ONE. We could arrange repalcement for you and We Just want to solve your Problem well.
      Waiting for your reply. You could contact us FACEBOOK :

      Waiting for your reply

      - THOMAS

    • topyingsarah -

      i have a vr HMD headset it compatible with Xbox360,PS4 to playing 3D games in a great effect,no need to buy another PC.