Google DayDream 2: What & When To Expect

  • Google’s VR headset the DayDream is one of the finest headsets to come out mainly due to how comfortable they are and how affordable they are while retaining a high quality VR experience. Naturally, after its success many people are more than excited for the upcoming Google DayDream 2.

    After only a couple, short months of accessibility on store shelves and at the Google Store, the new platform has already seen a variety of new app releases to keep you engaged, as Netflix VR and HBO Now VR.

    Already, you required either the Pixel or Pixel XL smartphones to utilize Daydream View, yet now the Moto Z and Moto Z Force support the VR platform. The rundown of phones that can be used is still relatively short, but 2017 has already shown a couple of smartphone models being added to the list of supported devices which means we can expect the same from Google DayDream 2 VR headset.

    DayDream is Google's most recent endeavor at conveying VR to cell phones, and it's very not the same as Google Cardboard, no doubt. Dissimilar to Google's fairly expendable VR headset, which intended to get individuals in the VR entryway with a minimal effort and indulgent power necessities, Daydream is a heartier version that has its sight set on giving higher-quality experiences to Android Nougat users.

    Potential For Google Daydream 2

    Wander off in fantasy land will bring significantly all the more energizing and absorbing VR experiences to the individuals who can't bear the cost of a HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. Here's all that you have to think about it.

    Google Daydream is Google's excellent portable platform, giving a higher-end VR experience contrasted with Google Cardboard. According to the report, 49 percent of engineers are dealing with programming for the HTC Vive, while just 43 percent were chipping away at the Oculus Rift and 34 percent on the Samsung Gear VR.

    Also, 29 percent were creating programming for Google's modest Cardboard, while 15 percent were taking a shot at something for Google's all the more intense smartphone-fueled VR platform, Daydream. A minor advancement from the Google Cardboard platform, Google Daydream was declared at Google I/O 2016 and is fundamentally the same as Samsung Gear VR. Wander off in fantasy land intends to be a blessing to equipment producers who utilize Google's Android OS to control their smartphones.

    It has been rumored that Google is creating a high end virtual reality headset that is way better in performance than the Oculus and HTC vive. Unlike the previous version of Google VR headset i.e. Google DayDream, this headset will not require a cell phone to use. The new Google DayDream 2 will be self-powered. This will let you enjoy all in one experience.

    How is it better than previous Google VR Headset ?

    Google Daydream 2 gives you a simple way to experience 360 degree games, videos and panoramic photos. So it’s really an awesome experience to have and is only possible with the Google DayDream 2.

    The main difference between the Google Day Dream 2 and the previous plastic Samsung Gear VR and Alcatel Goggles is the fact that Google VR contains an included controller.

    A tiny remote will also be included in the box of Google DayDream 2 which will be used for essential navigation and as a game play wand. This is the only proper way that allows you to pronounce harry potter inspired spells or go bowling these days with this amazing remote.

    The fabric coated design of the Google DayDream 2 VR head set is way more comfortable than its rivals. There is a feature in Google DayDream 2 VR headset that it keeps a check on temperature and notifies about it. While this feature cannot be found in Oculus Rift, HTC VIVE, or Play Station VR (PS VR)

    Instead, this is Google's inexpensive road map to virtual reality on Android and a chrome cast-like bid to beat everyone else on price and get consumers attracted on its VR.

    Let's get immersed to see if it's enough to get you attracted, too.

    Google Daydream 2 Price and release date
    • $89 in the US
    • £79 in the UK
    • AU$129 in Australia
    It's $20 (£10, AU$40) cheaper than daydream view

    Google Daydream 2 is very inexpensive for a virtual reality headset, at least one you actually want to buy in 2017-18.

    The official release date is not disclosed yet, and it's $20 (£10, AU$40) cheaper than you'll pay for a new Samsung Gear VR.
    “The prices mentioned are expected prices the head set may be more cheaper or may be a bit more expensive then Google DayDream View VR headset.”

    But keep in mind, the Google DayDream 2 VR headset does require you to own a high end Android phone like the Pixel or Pixel XL and maybe by the time it’s released these headsets might or might not be supported. Likewise, you might even have to buy a new phone but from what we can tell the new Google DayDream 2 VR headset just might be worth spending money on!

    Where can I get Google DayDream 2 VR headset?

    In the United States of America, it will cost $89 and will available soon as it is released via the Google Store, Best Buy and Verizon. Remember, Verizon is the sole US carrier with the Google Pixel and Pixel XL on contract.

    The Google Daydream View UK price will be £79, and you can find it at the Google Store, EE and Car phone Warehouse.
    Looking for the headset in Australia? Its price in Australia will be AU$129 and it will be possibly available at two retailer, either the Google Store or JB Hi-F.

    New Hardware & Performance?

    The New Google DayDream 2 or Google DayDream View 2 will most likely need to boost its physical hardware capabilities to keep up with the upcoming Oculus Rift 2 and PSVR 2 which is why we can hope to see some amazing changes coming.

    One thing we need to keep in mind is that the Google DayDream is essentially a mobile based VR headset which is why that the better the phone the better will be the VR quality and immersion. As of now there are only a handful of smartphones that are supported on the Google DayDream & DayDream View but more are being added. Chances are you’ll require a one of the Pixel series smartphones or even higher depending on the VR experience the upcoming Google DayDream 2 or Google DayDream View 2 provides.

    But one thing we are certain is that the new VR headsets will be able to support smartphones that are optimized for VR, with a high quality system on chip (SoC) to maintain 60 frames-per-second playback, a high pixel density in order to enhance the immersion and provide 60-FPS gameplay without any dip in performance.

    The major chance that everyone is expecting from the new Google DayDream 2 is an increase in resolution. Considering that the current Google DayDream headset only provides up to 1080p VR gaming, the Google DayDream 2 should at the very least support 2k on most mobile devices and use higher resolutions.

    In either case, the performance of the Google DayDream 2 will be directly connected to the level of smartphone which means you’ll need devices like Google's new Pixel and Pixel XL phones which are built with Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor and 4GB of RAM as well as running a FHD (1080p) screen on the Pixel and a QHD (2K) screen on the Pixel XL.

    Comfortable Design

    The Google DayDream 2 has a stylish looking and comfortable fabric design. This time the eye glasses fit on your face and do not leave red lines on your face unlike Google DayDream view VR headset. In Google DayDream View the lights leaked from the sides and you turned off the lights in order to have better experience but in Google DayDream 2 there is no such type of flaw.

    The Google DayDream 2 is the same size and shape as an average classic Virtual Reality Head set. But due to the fabric design it appears as a sofa, seriously.

    The Google DayDream 2 unique fabric layer gives a new appearance to Google’s Material Design and, like the rather peculiar glass-and-metal Pixel and Pixel XL, it stands out.

    GOOGLE DayDream 2 with the natural looking fabric design comes in three different color choices:
    Slate colour

    Snow color, it can be also referred as off white; dim white color or Crimson color– just in case you want to match your favorite sweatpants. The Google DayDream 2 is a lightweight material. The VR headset feels comfortable to wear in short bursts and the single elastic band in back holds the headset to your noggin.

    It’s very surprising that the new Google DayDream VR head set is steady even without a top strap. This means the VR head set won’t mess up your hair, Mohawks included.

    Google DayDream 2 Could Be The Fanciest VR Headset TO Date

    I think we all can appreciate how fabulous the HTC Vive looks but why are we mentioning that here? Well, turns out that Claude Zellweger the man previously in charge of HTC Vive’s design has left HTC and now has joined Google’s DayDream Development team!
    The news came from his twitter account that he had left HTC and would now be helping Google develop the new Daydream VR headset. The Verge reached out to HTC and got this response from them which proves that we will be seeing major changes in design in the

    Google DayDream 2:

    “HTC can confirm that Claude Zellweger has left the Company. We appreciate his considerable contribution to HTC, and wish him well in his future endeavors. HTC continues to invest in talent and recruitment as part of our broader strategy to ensure the continued strength and integrity of the Company’s organizational structure.”

    Considering amazing talents and designers are working on the hopefully soon to be released Google DayDream 2, you can get your hopes up for a VR headset that just might be a game changer.

    Questions regarding design

    What if I get the VR head set dirty?
    Answer: the new Google Day Dream 2 has a hand washable face pad so you can easily wash it if it gets dirty.

    Does it works with eye glasses on?
    Answer: yes the design of Google Day Dream 2 VR head set allows you to enjoy full experience with the eye glasses on.

    Remote Control

    The Google DayDream 2 also comes with a tiny remote control as the Day Dream View VR head set. The remote control adds motion detection to the game play. The Google DayDream 2 has a space to carry the remote easily.

    This tiny amazing remote control makes the 360 degree games more cheering and interesting. The remote control is connected to the VR headset through Bluetooth connection. There are two buttons on the remote one for rocking the volume and the other one is a clickable top track pad.

    The remote also has a motion control so while playing racing game or adventurous games you can steer and control the character by just tilting this tiny remote.

    Casting spells in the Harry Potter-like 'Fantastic Beasts' felt natural, now you can also experience it with the help of Google DayDream 2 remote control. - Virtual Reality Forum, Blog and Videos

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