How GoPro VR is helping us explore the World ?

  • GoPro finally released its VR camera that lets you capture and record 360 videos in professional quality and provide an immersive experience that is extremely rare among the 360 video camera lineup we get today. GoPro VR Camera: Omni is a professional Virtual Reality camera that is ideal for recording extreme sports such as sky diving, in stunning 360 videos with high quality!

    But how exactly did GoPro evolve in to being on the best VR camera manufacturers today? Let’s find out!

    What is GoPro & Why Is It So Famous

    Over the years millions of people have utilized GoPro's wearable cameras to make videos and photos of their sky-diving, drone-flying, and other extreme sport adventure. In any case, the San Mateo, California-based company may have quite recently pulled off the best trick of all with the greatest initial open offering of a consumer electronics company in over 20 years!

    There's a justifiable reason we haven't seen any consumer electronics companies open up to the world as of late (Skullcandy's $189 million IPO in 2011 is the latest), and that is on account of smartphones—and the immense companies that make them—can do and manufacture practically everything and anything. On any given day, our mobile devices can work as a GPS system, an alternative to computer games, track our health, a stereo, a camera, and while managing to be a thousand other things still manage to work as phones. To dispatch an independent consumer electronics company that does only a certain something, regardless of the possibility that it can do that one thing ridiculously well, is a dangerous risk in the age of the smartphone.

    But that is exactly what GoPro does, which raised $427 million at a valuation of $2.96 billion in its IPO, something of a peculiarity. All things considered, it was only a couple of years prior that the Flip Video camera, another device that dominated the mobile market for a period, foundered, rendered out of date by the expansion of smartphones with continually improving cameras. Indeed, even as the Flip flopped, nonetheless, GoPro, which sold its first camera in 2004, thrived. What differentiates GoPro from Flip Camera Phones is that from the start, GoPro has sold consumers not on the camera, itself, but rather on something smartphones can’t be an alternative for: the experience of using the camera.

    GoPro camera range began back in 2004 keeping in mind daring individuals who liked to live their lives with excitement. Originally, surfers were the main clients as the originator himself is a devoted wave surfer. Later as time advanced, the GoPro range of cameras advanced and made adventure photography their new target. Since time are changing yet again due to the implementation of VR technology, the GoPro line of cameras are also changing as well.

    GoPro camera, when combined with extraordinarily outlined casing, gets to be distinctly a standout amongst the most adaptable camera. It is waterproof, shockproof, and to some extent dust proof, can stand freezing point temperature, survives high elevations and maintains astounding video film in wide edge to give an immersive view.

    Number of mounts expands the ability of GoPro by making is Go-Anywhere-Professional camera. You can mount it on your pet creature, on motorbike, on surfboard, skis, your own particular trunk, shoulder, cap and wherever conceivable.

    There are different cameras which are trying hard to compare themselves to GoPro, yet plainly none of them are willing to go additional mile and attempt to beat it. It could be beaten in a few elements that rivals are providing, however with regards to Video Quality, none of them seem sufficiently close. The reason GoPro got renowned is that they were one of the initial companies to make a minimal effort, top notch "crash cam". GoPro was the first provider of cameras affordable enough to be put in spots that may completely destroy it, and adequate enough to be worth using. The small size, the different mounts, the waterproof case, and so on all added to that.

    The amount of money you are going to pay for a GoPro camera is comparable to the amount of money you would have to pay for a waterproof case for any new DSLR cameras, and once you've done that, would you say you are truly going to put your $3000 camera and $1500 case on the front guard of your auto or the front of your surfboard? Furthermore, DSLR or high end cameras are definitely not going on a headband or helmet, simply because they are way too heavy for that.

    GoPro & The VR industry – GoPro Omni Review

    Times are changing, new technology is making old technology obsolete but luckily, GoPro is changing along with the times. Rather than sticking to only thing they know they are unbeatable at GoPro is expanding their range of cameras to include VR Cameras & VR Video Recorders. GoPro Omni is the latest VR camera to come from GoPro and offers amazing Versatility & Image Quality for its Price.

    What is It?

    With the new Omni, you can combine the power of six HERO4 Black cameras to shoot full 360 degree video; perfect for immersive video experiences, VR and photometry use cases, but made out of aluminum and similar to the size of a Freedom 360 Explorer. Unlike other 360 camera systems, Omni has its own central control unit the cameras plug in to. This allows all six Hero4 to be genlock synced, eliminating the need for audio sync or motion sync in post, and making stitching (sometimes) easier due to the accurate sync. It also has a port for an external battery pack, the kit battery supplies up to 3 hours of runtime.

    GoPro Omni can be bought in 2 packages, the full kit for $5000 and the rig option for $1,500. The full kit includes 6 Hero4 Black cameras, 6 Hero4 batteries, 6 32gb micro SD cards, an AutoPano Video permit, hard carrying case, external battery pack and a 7 port USB hub. The rig option will only get you an Omni rig alongside a carrying case, you supply the GoPros and supporting equipment. It's likewise important to say that the Omni is not waterproof, and offers no waterproof option, then again not do many other virtual reality cameras do.

    The Looks

    A year ago, GoPro announced a partnership Google's Jump stage in the form of GoPro Odyssey. To put it simply, the device looks absolutely fantastic. Even if you are someone who doesn’t care how their VR cameras look, this GoPro camera will make you think otherwise. It accompanies no less than 16 GoPro cameras and a bank-breaking $15,000 sticker price. Clearly, the intended interest group veers profound into authority markets that require stereoscopic 360 video (the Omni "just" does monoscopic video).

    In the event that spending $15,000 on a surround video kit doesn't fill you with tingly sensations, there's additionally been the other outrageous: Building your own. There are a great deal of arrangements and aides accessible online for how to 3D print or assemble your own rigs out of metal, wood or perspex — with a few arrangements being more rich than others.

    The issue with these arrangements has been the synchronization between the cameras, both regarding outline rate (ensuring that every camera is shooting video outlines in the meantime at the very same number of edges every second) and arrangement (making beyond any doubt the cameras are balanced only so to make a consistent 360-degree experience is a practice in fine-engineering or some genuinely in-your-face post-processing endeavors).

    Build Quality and Hardware

    The rig itself is extremely strong and built out of aluminum, and comes delivered in a waterproof hard case. If you get the "rig only" option, you won’t get the included external battery pack. I'd get a kick out of the chance to take a gander at options for external power, however would want to get more than a pitiful 3 hours of power that the kit pack supplies. Regular USB power packs we use keep going for up to 8 or 9 hours.

    On the other hand, the accommodation of the battery pack might be justified regardless of having too many extra accessories in your back pack. As we all know, swapping batteries can be challenging in the field. You'll require a hex key, you'll have to remove each face plate to reach every camera, so arrange a lot of time ahead of time in the event that you have to do a battery swap.

    You need to release 3 screws on each edge of each face plate and expel 1 little screw close to the base to have the capacity to expel it from the rig to get to every camera. Disassembling the whole rig can require two arrangements of hands to put the entire thing back together. We DO NOT prescribe attempting to do this in a tent under a head light.

    We were more than happy to find you can easily remove memory cards without unloading the cameras, and there's additionally enough leeway to connect to USB links to charge. Be that as it may, the casing of the rig puts a tiny bit of descending weight on the USB plugs, so be cautious while plugging and unplugging the USB links, or use calculated links. Any measure of weight on the USB port could without much of a stretch harm it.

    Finally, we were disappointed that this plan does not take into account use of ND channels or any lens cap, and somewhat astounded at the use of a 1/4-20 mount as opposed to the beefier 3/8-16 for an overwhelming piece this way. With a considerable measure of our tripods, posts and backings we have 3/8-16 strings, meaning we need to depend on a connector to bring it down to 1/4-20. These can easily snap underweight, particularly weaker metal, so make certain to use a tether as a reinforcement.

    360 Video Recording and Picture Capture

    Using the six 4k cameras in an Omni rig will give you significantly more resolution to play with than an all in one camera, and the item may simply hit the sweet spot for the quickly expanding VR video swarm, yet in placing itself in this correct place in the market, the company is putting itself in a truly unnerving spot indeed. GoPro Omni is not simple enough to be mainstream, and not complex enough for experts.
    The issue GoPro is facing is that they haven't done anything “new” in quite a while. The cameras are sufficient, and becoming synonymous with action cameras won't do any serious damage to their sales, yet at the heart of it, GoPro is basically selling product equipment at a huge markup. Deals figures — and its corresponding stock value challenges — are telling a story all its own.

    Going after the VR market appears to be quick; it’s literally the hottest thing in tech right, and has been that way for a while now. Another thing that the GoPro Omni has for itself is that there is demand for such products in the market. There is a sub-segment of VR that is identified with the activity sports market, which is good news for the company, however I question the once-relentless GoPro brand can establish themselves here with only the GoPro Omni but time will tell.

    Without a background marked by innovation on the camera side, and no news of an upcoming all in one solution, GoPro is in a tight spot. The less expensive, more straightforward all in one cameras are a rescannable risk for some cases, and as quality (and particularly resolution) enhances, defending a multi-camera set-up is going to get increasingly hard. At the same time, the top of the line multi-camera arrangements will drop in cost, and turn into a decent option for users who want quality above all else.

    Is the Price Worth it?

    You can get your hands on the six GoPro HERO4 Blacks for $450 each or $2,700 dollars add up to. GoPro offers the Omni rig independent from anything else for $1,500. Include the battery for around $320 and the product for around $1,000 and you'd pay $5520 — and that is not including the cost of the case, battery sections or any of alternate extras. At $5000 for the entire Omni package, GoPro is giving you a really decent price which is something’s that’s more than welcomed.

    How about we see how much you would have to pay for other rigs?. The 360RIZE rig costs $580. Include 10 GoPro's at $450 each and you are as of now over $5,000, $5,080 indeed. That doesn't include stitching programming, a case or an off-camera battery for longer operation time.

    Next, we should take a gander at the Freedom360 F360. It has an indistinguishable arrangement from the Omni, costs $675 and requires six GoPro’s. Those GoPro’s would cost $2,700 giving an aggregate of $3,350. With the $1,600 contrast amongst it and the Omni, it could be a less expensive option. Include a similar stitching pack the Omni accompanies, and it ups the cost to $4,350. Generally speaking, we feel that the cash savings won't equal the ease of use that the Omni will offer.

    Final Verdict?

    GoPro Omni is by no regards the most high-tech 3D virtual reality camera on the market but neither is it a bad camera, rather it’s a very pretty decent as far as VR cameras are concerned. Considering its price, features and all the accessories along with the packages it’s safe to say, the GoPro Omni is perfect for anyone who has a limited budget and wants an action VR camera that’s easy to replace if broken which is what GoPro has been all about since it started!

    GoPro VR Player

    Besides lauching a new VR hardware camera, GoPro has also released a free VR Player. GoPro VR Player is a free 360 degree video player for Windows and OS X.

    The interface is simple and easy to use. The "File" menu surprisingly has only 3 options - Open, Preferences and Exit options, the player bar has Play/ Stop, Volume and Full Screen buttons, and that's about it. What’s surprising is that you don’t even get a right click menu!
    This makes for a simple life, however, because the program acts precisely as you'd anticipate.

    Just drag and drop a MP4, it begins playing quickly, and you can spin the mouse wheel (or pinch the screen) to zoom in and out, or snap and drag to move the video back and forward. In the event that you'd like more control, there are some complex options in the Preferences menu. Specifically, the Output Projection settings redefine how the video is appeared: "Fisheye" and "Little Planet" give you a wraparound circle sort look, "Rectilinear" is all the more how you'd see the scene in the event that you were truly there.

    GoPro VR Player can likewise perceive and work with your Oculus Rift, the length of your desktop has the suitable software installed. If there are problems, click Help > Software Log for diagnostic details which might offer some clues.

    You can find GoPro VR Omni here : GoPro VR Website - Virtual Reality Forum, Blog and Videos

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