VrBackupper (Oculus Rift) - Review

  • vrBackupper is the first and only stable software out right now that lets you install Oculus rift data in other drives, back up VR data and games for safe keeping or for migrating the data to another device.

    Virtual Reality has made amazing progress in the last few years but even so it’s still in its infancy and has a lot of more potential to grow. Since VR is still relatively new, not all the bugs and issues have been resolved but the most frustrating issue is the lack of safety measures as well as customization.

    As someone who bought the Oculus Rift headset when it came out, the limitations on customization and lack of safety measures for the data really have me on edge most of the times. As most of you already know that earlier software versions of Oculus didn’t allow the user to change the install directory of the Oculus software and neither does it let the user make a backup of the data or migrate it to another device which can be really frustrating when a new Windows update comes up or you want to do a fresh install on your machine, in either cases losing all the VR data you’ve stored on your C drive lost for good.

    Even with the newer version of the Oculus software you don’t have the ability to backup save date or games or migrate them to another device. This means if you have the data installed on your PC you can’t copy it to your laptop and will have to do a fresh download again, which going by the slow download speed of the Oculus store is something that must be avoided.

    Change Oculus Installation Directory With vrBackupper

    Luckily, AOMEI an online software publisher came up with a simple, easy and effective solution – vrBackupper - the first free ware software designed for the Oculus Rift. vrBackupper lets you save your game data, change the installation directory, and let you make a full back up of the data that you can upload online or move to another PC/laptop. I’ve had the Oculus Rift for well over a year now, over months I’ve downloaded more than a few games from the Oculus store.

    Since I install most of my games in my D drive rather than my C drive, my C drive only has around 100 GB of free space which I reserve for other software’s but considering how much space a VR game takes, vrBackupper proved more than a helpful.

    vrBackupper comes with an easy to understand user interface and is extremely simple to use. After you install vrBackupper which you can download for free from the AOMEI site, you will see two options to either migrate installation directory or backup/restore your data. If you select migrate, all you’ll have to do is select the Oculus installation on the computer and choose the directory which you want the Oculus data to be stored in.

    Backup/Restore Your Oculus Data With vrBackupper

    A major downside of playing on the Oculus is that if you have game save data or a lot of games on your drive you can’t use a USB to make a backup of that data or save the data in the cloud. The data will be stuck on the hard disk making it almost impossible to update your HDD without having to lose all your data.

    A couple of weeks back I finally decided to make the move from HDD to SSD and found myself in a rather inconvenient position. The thought of having to install all the games and apps again was not just going to be unbearably slow but also would send my internet bill over the top! And I’m certain I’m not the only one who had to go through such a situation. Thankfully, I came across AOMEI’s vrBackupper.

    Using vrBackupper to make a backup of the data and restore that data on a new device is extremely easy. You just download vrBackupper from the official site, install it, and choose from the two options that show on start-up to back up the game data and you’re done! You can then use this backup to restore the data on any other PC and Laptop.

    vrBackupper For A Smoother Oculus Experience

    At first I was skeptical that how such a stable and smooth software application was being given away for free but after using it I can say for sure that anyone who wants to keep their Oculus data safe should definitely give vrBackupper a shot and buy the premium version for all the additional options and features. Using vrBackupper you can move Oculus data to any other directory, pc/laptop and have a spare copy of your data!

    You can download either the free or premium version of vrBackupper from the official site which in my opinion are a worthwhile investment.
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