Oculus Rift 2: What & When To Expect

  • Even though the first ever Oculus Rift had a great launch and reception, Facebook is already hard at work on its sequel. Mark Zuckerberg, in a presentation earlier in 2016 few months after the launch of much-awaited Oculus Rift VR Headset has shown few glimpses of the next model, i.e. Oculus Rift 2.

    The device is still in the beginner stages, yet it is going to be the best available headset when it hits the market. With Mark’s demonstration and Facebook confirming that Oculus Rift CV2 is going to become a reality soon, let’s jump into its features, specs, its price tag, and updates going to happen in the next generation VR headset by the leader in VR production.

    We already have an idea about how it’s going to look from the presentation Mark Zuckerberg did in California, where he showed off the second version of the Oculus VR headset during a presentation in California which is being titles as Oculus Rift CV2 rather than just Oculus Rift 2


    Having seen the prototype, the hardware looks similar to its predecessor Oculus Rift CV1, it contains built-in headphones, two lenses, and a plastic screen that encloses the lenses. The overall impression made it come off like a copy of the first one but what stood out was the lack of wires. Yes, Oculus Rift CV2 will be completely wire free making it much easier to use. This is a feature many Oculus Rift users wanted since it launched. Finally, being free on any wires, you will have more mobility and freedom to look around making those 360* video and games feel even more realistic.


    Well, there is a lot to expect from the next-gen Oculus Rift 2. High-end developers and tech gurus are continually posting about the next version by Oculus. With the hype and eagerness growing more with each passing day, it is expected to make a boom in the market leaving behind its competitors with its sharp pixels, some revolutionary changes i.e. getting rid of unnecessary weight and wires in the newer version. But due to the futuristic expectations given to us by click bait titles we need to get our expectations in line with realistic possibilities.

    Better Tracking & Simulation

    Thanks to the latest purchase Facebook made VR tracking could just become the next big thing. At this point many people are well aware that Facebook has acquired The Eye Tribe. The Eye Tribe was a startup for a $99 eye tracking device developer kits for computers which can also bring the same gaze based technology to the smartphones. How exactly does this impact the way we use VR headsets?

    The answer is simple “Foveated View”. The reason why Facebook courted the Eye tribe is due to their amazing work on foveated rendering which will prove to be one of the key aspects of the next generation of VR headsets as well as Oculus Rift CV2. Why foveated rendering is such a big deal you ask? Foveated rendering uses eye-tracking to establish which part of a virtual scene a user is looking at, and focusses system resources on that area which not only provides extremely life-like levels of immersions but drastically increases depth of field to make for truly stunning visuals.

    This technology can also be used with mobile devices making them capable of high level rendering and increasing frame rates making it possible for mobile devices to execute more detailed graphics. It also allows for better use of the GPU and processor resources, simply by rendering the visuals the user at seeing, the GPU and cpu can work together to bring high precision graphics. As for the user, it'll make for a more realistic interaction with the digital world. Unlike current headsets that require a wearer to turn their heads to look at an object of interest to focus on it, whereas in the real world we may merely turn our eyes.


    Facebook is following a grand strategy with a move to launch a CV2 version in 2019, it will create an anticipation factor in consumers. Considering Facebook wants to push the release date all the way to 2019 we can be certain that some big things are in the works. One aspect of virtual reality that really needs to change is the lack of 4k gaming. Considering many mobile devices can’t support 4k or even 2k gaming. This would make implementing 4k resolution the most basic improvement we can expect from the Oculus Rift 2.

    The simplest as well as most effective way to enhance the realism, immersion and quality of a VR experience is to increase the resolution which will truly make VR a viable gaming option along with removing the Screen Door Effect (SDE). In hindsight, as things stand now hoping for 8k resolution is definitely not a possibility but 4K would still be a vast improvement over what we have now.
    • Current Resolution of Rift and Vive: 2,592,000 pixels (2160 x 1200)
    • 4K Per Eye Would be: 16,588,800 pixels (3840 x 2160 per eye)
    Even if we get 4k resolution the amount of improvement in the VR experience will be truly stellar making it definitely worth investing.

    New Tech

    A new version of Oculus Rift means we get all the fancy new tech that will hopefully come along with it. Mark Zuckerberg is already hard at work in bring new practical technology that can be used with Oculus Rift CV2 that will enhance the way we interact with the virtual world, the latest being gloves for the upcoming Oculus Rift CV2.

    Mark Zuckerberg posted photos from a visit to the Facebook-owned VR Company’s research lab in Redmond, Washington, where a team led by chief scientist Michael Abrash works on next-generation hardware. Most of the photos showed off the facility’s capabilities, but in one, Mark Zuckerberg showed how he was interacting with the digital world with a pair of gloves, which are hopefully going to be a part of the upcoming Oculus Rift CV2.

    In the caption he wrote “We're working on new ways to bring your hands in virtual and augmented reality. Wearing these gloves, you can draw, type on a virtual keyboard, and even shoot webs like Spider Man. That's what I'm doing here”.

    You know what else we want and might be able to get? Hands in VR! Somehow getting hands in VR has been one of the hardest things to do but since Oculus obtained Nimble, which as of now had this astounding tech two years back, as appeared here:


    Since they appeared to be rather close to perfecting it, we ought to expect this tech in the following headset. A camera (or two) to watch your hands can likewise be utilized for different purposes, for example, location of outward appearances.

    Gesture recognition would be valuable from numerous points of view. For instance, in amusements, different characters could perceive different hand signs, for example, a "thumbs up", or in social VR, your symbol ought to coordinate your gestures, since such a large number of individuals utilize their hands while chatting. Gestures can likewise be utilized as a component of a GUI (Graphical User Interface, for example, getting and moving things, opening menus, pushing catches, and so on.


    Real sense technology is soon to be a part of every next generation Virtual Reality Headset. Oculus Rift 2 is likely to add it or even better than that when it will release its CV2 sometime in 2019. The Real Sense technology creates an imaginary field around the player, you can detect or be informed about any object before bumping into it.

    Virtual Networks

    Yes, it’s going to happen soon, you would be able to add your friends in a Virtual space created by you. Interact with them, fight with a common enemy, build a kingdom or drive together. The network connection is still available in HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, but a lot is going to improve in the newer version.

    Price Forecast

    Oculus Rift CV1 cost around $800 with touch controllers and accessories, the prices will drop in the next couple of years. For Oculus Rift 2, the expected price tag would be a bit expensive than the current VR. According to BI Intelligence, the price of Rift CV2 in 2019 would be around 1000 USD or even more than that. Considering all the new tech, high – end features and research that’s going into making the Oculus Rift CV2 its seems plausible that it will get a price tag for over $1000.

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  • Seishino -

    The two features that Oculus needs: A price more in line with their original goals ($200-$300), and a fix for the nausea. Everything else at this point is taking a high-end obscure piece of kit, and making it even more high-end-and-obscure.

    Also, might I suggest pulling back on the hypetrain? Oculus sales are abysmal. Vive sales are abysmal. We're talking about 1/2 of 1% of Steam users. Even when this was written, we knew sales were below 500k in the US. Saying it had a "Great launch and reception" and bolding that it's "going to be the best available headset when it hits the market" just destroys any credibility the reporting might have.

  • Jase -

    The only game that I enjoy playing is project cars. Just can't think of another game that's worth playing more than an hour. Most of the games are short indie vr games. More like a demo than a full game. Won't be buying oculus 2 with the similar lineup on games regardless what specs they have....with all the money they have they can't get any exclusive deals with major game developers.

    • topyingsarah -

      i have a vr HMD headset it compatible with Xbox360,PS4 to playing 3D games in a great effect,no need to buy another PC.

  • Anoraki -

    I was really hoping for something that was cheaper. Most of us did. I thought that the 800 dollars was just because it was their consumer product...

    • QIKFIXIT -

      In case you hadn't noticed, the CV1 + Touch price has dropped... under $600

  • Blacksynth -

    Well they better not ruin it like they did with CV1 my old DK2 was much better... No horrendous lens glare, better blacks, better motion, larger field of view. The cv1 had better resolution and was comfy. Everything else they did to it made it worse and a lot more un immersive. Smaller field of view I mean wtf? It was terrible!

  • ezekealflamthrower -

    2019! - that's light years in technology. I expect that rumor to be WAY off. Do you really think that HTC is not going to release a wireless, 4K update for another 2+ years! Most expect some news on that in the next several MONTHS. Hell, by 2019 we should easily have some fully self driving cars, and VR will be just able to do 4K! I guess VR will flame out just like it has over the last several decades.

    • Aegon -

      Hi, 2 years seems too long but a Q1 2019 launch is announced ! :)

    • Chopin -

      You have to understand that consumers might not even have enough power to push all those pixels by 2019. VR takes a HUGE amount of processing power, and you'd need an order of magnitude more GPU power than is available today to push 4K per eye, for sure.

    • Aegon -

      Hi Chopin,
      You're right, CV2 will need the best current GPU releases in 2019 ;)
      I just hope one gpu could be support cv2 !!

    • Gladman -

      Sorry guys but a 4K resolution will easily run on a 4790K and a GTX1080. Eagle Dynamics DCS is a great platform to realize this given flight sims are always FPS hogs. You can fly all day at 90 FPS with current tech. Add in a pixel density multiplier (build into DCS) and you can easily run well over 4K resolution and still stay at 45 FPS. With ASW tech, you have no frame stuttering and no sickness. They could release a 4K Rift today and people would be running it no problem.

    • Dan -

      Whoa! I was looking into the CV2 online today to see what's coming next EXACTLY for DCS :) that's why I'm getting a rift anyway. I'm building a PC now for VR but I want to make sure my FPS can stay above 50-55 in busy areas and full details in CV2. Do you mind helping if I send you the specs?