Finest Available VR Headsets for iPhone Users in 2017

  • Apple being the principal player in the American and European smartphone market hasn’t played its card until now. With no official Apple VR Headset, iPhone users are still confused which device is better for them to use.

    Android is leading the Virtual Reality market for the last couple of years, Google cardboard was a huge success with a lower price per unit and available in any part of the world. However, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple has indicated that they are cooking something inside their Headquarters. It is good news for VR and Apple consumers as it would surely be awesome if it comes from Apple.

    Tim Cook and Company is seriously considering Augmented Reality over Virtual Reality as Cook says the former has more commercial value than the latter one. There are multiple alternative VR Headsets made by Independent manufacturers for iPhones in 2016. After a year, here is a list of some of the most suitable and compatible VR Headsets for iPhone users worth purchasing anywhere in the world.

    MI VR Play Headset

    Xiaomi is the biggest accessory stakeholder and producer in China, it is functioning in most of the European and Asian countries. Xiaomi’s VR Play is super cheap with a quality lens and adjustable for any iPhone from 5s to iPhone 7. Also, the headsets are available in several splashing colors with price starting from $15 to $25. The devices can be purchased from Amazon and Ebay in USA, Europe, and Asia.

    View-Master VR

    View-Master Virtual reality devices have sharp features, and Apple approved headset. It is available in all the Apple outlets in the USA, for other countries, buy it from Amazon. DLX VR is one of the leaders of VR devices launched in 2016, and the best part is, it is available for both Android and iPhone users. With headphone and mic support, and awesome design, View-Master dominated the iPhone market in 2016. The company is all set to launch an updated version in mid-2017. The devices are available from $40 to $60 from online stores.

    FreeFly Virtual Reality

    With a compatibility range over 6 inches for both Android and iPhone devices, FreeFly is far better than the latter described VR Headsets. It has capacitive touch handles especially for iPhones with its newest version ‘the Beyond.' FreeFly is relatively expensive than its competitors, but iPhone users will buy it anyway for $70 per item.

    One GX VR

    Carl Zeiss jumped to VR manufacturing industry in 2014, with a trust factor higher than any of its counterparts, Carl Zeiss One GX is by far, one the most complete Virtual Reality device with enhanced user-experience and improved lens along with magnetic control with a viewing angle of 120 degrees. For iPhone 6 and above users, Carl Zeiss launched VR One Plus to meet up the customer demand in the market. One GX is available at Amazon with price starting from $120.

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