HTC Vive 2: What & When To expect

  • As the time is passing by, VR Technology is growing so fast that it’s difficult to stop it now. VR Technology has brought a wonderful change in our life. In the wave of Virtual reality tech a new thing is going to be adding soon.

    Yes! It is HTC vive 2, an amazing device. HTC is one of the popular companies for its smartphones and accessories which has also made its place in VR tech and its headset HTC Vive is known as one of the best virtual reality headset.

    Soon in 2017 HTC Vive 2 is expected to launch so let’s read about it.

    Design and features

    HTC vive 2 is not launched yet in markets but the rumors say that HTC Company is working with Quark VR, which is a virtual reality company and is based in Bulgaria. They both are collectively working to create a wireless headset.

    With the increase in technology HTC vive will definitely become the part of everyone’s life. Next generation of VR will definitely be launched in less than one year.

    The main element in HTC vive 2 is its sensors and controllers that cover the headset. Every sensor contains a photodiode and a discrete circuit that is able to detect and interpret pulses of the light. The system is designed elegantly the sensor design can be improved. HTC vive 2 will give a sport of high resolution to its users and will enable them to cherish sharp images on live display. The device can be connected to the computer through Wi-Fi, which means there is no need of cable.

    Rumors about HTC Vive 2

    Basically according to a report now, the HTC vive 2 headsets is designed up to a computer via an cable, and the company Quark has been creating a prototype for HTC that connects to the source through Wi-Fi.HTC Company is making advancement in game by providing a technological control far beyond imagination.

    This amazing technology HTC Vive 2 Virtual Reality headset has the ability to contest against Oculus Rift which is currently in the works. However, as HTC is seen boosting its position in the technological domain, it is still unclear whether the technological giant would continue developing phone models or a highly-developed console model.

    According to the reports, The HTC Vive 2 is technology along with Quark VR and HTC who are merging their technological visions to provide a model that is wireless. Another charming feature about HTC Vive 2 is said to incorporate is the element of being wireless.

    Release date

    It is expected that HTC Vive 2 Virtual Reality headset will be available in 2017 to its users but the exact date is not confirm. So we have to wait for the official announcement of HTC Vive 2 release date.


    The HTC Vive 2 price is not announced yet as well there are no rumors about it but the price of HTC Vive first generation is $799 so the price of Vive 2nd generation is also expected the same or it may increase.


    HTC is one of the fast growing companies in the field of VR technology. With the passage of time it is launching best accessories in the market. HTC vive 2 is not launched yet but the users are waiting for it anxiously. - Virtual Reality Forum, Blog and Videos

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