Samsung Gear VR 2017 - Review

  • Introduction

    VR stands for virtual reality. It is actually a headset which is used to generated images and sounds that are realistic and close to the real world. There are many competitors in this field, the best of which are HTC Vive, Sony, Apple and Samsung. The virtual reality Technologies of all these companies has their own advantages and disadvantages. The primary emphasis of my review is on the Samsung Company which started their first virtual reality headset in the year 2014. The latest version of the Samsung Virtual reality headset is the Samsung Gear VR 2017. I will discuss about it here in detail.

    Samsung Gear VR 2017

    Samsung Gear VR 2017 is the latest Gear virtual Reality which is pure joy to use. Its three dimensional images surrounding the users are better than before. The best part of it is that that it can be used not only with Note 7 but other new Samsung products as well. It is comparable with the Google’s latest Daydream VR in quality and comfort plus it is comparatively less expensive.


    The design of Samsung Gear VR 2017 is look the same as the previous versions of Samsung Gear VR as the headset looks the same and the game selection and application selections are excellent as before but still there are some great enhancements in this Samsung Gear VR 2017. After wearing the Samsung Gear VR 2017, you will experience the first real change which is the extra space in the mask. This version of headset has a much cleaner black appearance than the previous version which comparable with the Oculus rift VR and HTC vive VR. The best development of this version of Samsung Gear VR is that the fogging up of the lens has been eliminated which was the cause of trouble in the previous version and its other counterpart products. The addition of the home button is a big plus for it as it makes the navigation quite easier. The touch pad has been changed in such a way that compressed controller has been scrapped and it has become more user-friendly. The field of vision has been increased due to the increase in the field of view from 96 degrees to 110 degrees. A removable protective plastic plate is place on the front of the device which can be used instead of the smartphone when you are not using the headset. Its 360 degree head tracking is very accurate and enjoyable and you will get a great 3-D experience while using it. The attachment of the phone to it is very easy as it rapidly lock into place.


    No matter what kind of smartphone you are using, it locks up easily during its attachment. The 3-D look to the environment it creates is as fantastic as the previous version. The most decisive improvement in the Samsung Gear VR 2017 from the previous version is that the headset is designed in such a way that it blocks out the surrounding light. Despite of having powerful surrounding light, you will experience no issues in it. The main selling point Samsung Gear Virtual Reality is its additional sensors which disguises it from its competitors. The sensors are not upgraded in this version but because the sensors used in the previous version were superb and their main selling point. The head tracking is very smooth and it can easily navigate the full 360 degree. Its virtual reality experiences are extremely enjoyable and emotional. These amazing experiences will sometimes make you fully alert while other times it will scare you to death. The tracking is not as good as the tracking of HTC Vive or Oculus Rift but it still works fine as the HTC vive and Oculus Rift work only on powerful personal computers that cost a lot of money while the Samsung Gear VR 2017 connects to the everyday smartphones. The best part of the Samsung Gear VR 2017 is the complete package of it. The changes made in it are subtle and it does not look alarming different from the previous version if you are looking at the individual parts but if you look at it as the complete package then you will experience a significant positive change than the previous version.

    Negative Points

    The main negative point in the Samsung gear VR is that it is only compatible with a few Samsung Galaxy phones and it cannot be used on other Phones or PCs. The other negative point about it is that its resolution is not as great as the other powerful personal Computer Virtual Reality systems like HTC Vice or Oculus Rift. Furthermore, it has a very limited free content in the gaming and the complete game content is very expansive and costly.


    The Samsung Gear VR 2017 offers some positive gradual changes. This version is slightly better than the previous one in both the design and performance. If you are a Samsung user and you want to have a feel of virtual reality then it is a no brainer and you should buy it immediately. But if you are using the previous version then it does not brought any great significant changes than the previous version. If you are a novice user of virtual reality and you have a limited budget and cannot afford HTC Vive, then Samsung Gear VR 2017 is the best option for you. - Virtual Reality Forum, Blog and Videos

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