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  • Are you game lover ? Oh yes, then there is a great news because Sony has decided to launch its own VR headset which is compatible with Playstation 4 and that's the reason it has given the name Sony Playstation VR. The Sony VR is going to hit the virtual reality market because we already have VR headsets for PC and Smartphones but not the one that is specially designed for games so it's a gift for gamers which is specially designed for PlayStation 4 to experience virtual reality while playing games. Playstation VR is going to arrive on 13th October 2016 with its attractive look, outstanding features and reasonable price.

    So here is the review of Sony PlayStation VR let's give a read: 8)


    The headset of PlayStation VR is different from other headsets because as some VR headsets are compatible with high-end PC, some are only compatible with Smartphones so same is the case of Sony VR headset it is only compatible with Playstation 4 which is great news for gamers because they don't have to buy a high end PC for it. The headset of Sony VR can be used by all the existing 30 million PS4 users, which means that you don't have to buy another PlayStation you just need the headset to experience VR.


    Now coming towards color and design so the color of Sony VR headset is basically white with black accents that are embedded with blue lights to track the headset and a number of built-in sensors. Exactly the sensors help you to track your head where ever you move your head you will not get out of the virtual world.

    It seems to be a heavyweight headset but you will be really surprised when you will experience its awesome light weight and gorgeous look. Similarly due to its light weight the headset is very comfortable, and it is also comfortable around the edges that touch your skin which will never feel you irritating while playing long term games.

    The Playstation VR has a solid headband rather than fabric headband used by Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The solid headband provides you more support in adjusting the distance between the headband and display than the fabric headbands. The headset has a very good size because it can be used by glasses wearers wearing their glasses with no problem.


    The Sony VR headset doesn't have built-in headphones which mean that you can use separate headphones it may be yours or if you want Sony also ship a separate pair with it. As this headset is functional with PS4 so there is a small box with Sony VR headset which will be placed between headset and PS4 that handle the 3D bits. This connecting box also has another plus point that you can also connect an HDMI cable that receives video from you are watching or playing.

    The Sony PlayStation VR headset also requires a PlayStation camera because it is used to detect the tracking movement of built-in sensors placed in the headset, and due to this it allows the gamers to turn their heads in 360 degree and they can also look behind.

    Although there is another option too you can get Sony move controllers but that are not much essential as PS camera because the move controllers can be utilized only by some games while PlayStation camera tracks the movement of the headset.

    So you are bound to take this camera or move controllers with Sony VR headset but it is not included in the package of headset you will pay separately for the camera or move controllers. But don't worry Dualshock 4 controllers are also functional with the PlayStation VR so if you have DualShock4 controllers you can use that with your PlayStation VR.


    Now coming towards some features of PlayStation VR so it has special curved lenses that provide you a 5.7 inch OLED screen with 960 x 1080 resolution for each eye, while it gives you a 100-degree field of vision. As compared to other headsets like Oculus Rift and Htc VIve its resolution is not good because they have a combined resolution of 2160 x 1200. The refresh rate of Sony Vr is 120Hz so it has potential to render games at 120fps, and this is higher than the refresh rate of other devices because the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive offer 90Hz refresh rate.


    The price of Sony PlayStation VR is $399 which is very low as compared to other devices but it only includes the headset, connector box, and the necessary cable. The camera and move controllers are not included in the package. You have to pay separately for the PlayStation camera or may b the move controllers as well, so the PS camera costs $39 while the move controllers cost $26. Well its price is still better than other competitors like Oculus Rift costs $600 and HTC Vive costs $800. As the device will be released later this year on 13th August, but anyone who wants to grab the PlayStation VR can pre-order on Amazon for $399.

    News for Gamers

    While keeping in mind Gamers Sony has also announced another good news that it will launch the PlayStation VR with 50 new VR games till the end of 2016 for which the developers are working on its titles. All these games will provide an outstanding VR experience, so far the biggest game announced by Sony is Stars War Battlefront.

    Final Verdict

    According to my personal opinion Sony PlayStation VR is especially the best VR headset for gamers and PlayStation 4, the headset has a very light weight and highly comfortable to use, the design is really outstanding and most importantly it has a very reasonable price that is cheaper than the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. So according to these features it's really big news for gamers as it will provide the best VR environment to play games on PlayStation 4. :thumbup:

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