Samsung Gear VR (2016) Review

  • The time has passed away when people used to ask the question what is a Virtual reality? because now the technology of virtual reality has been spread all over the world, and due do this trending technology now there are many headsets in the market and people have a question in mind that which one is the best VR headset? Now in this article, I am going to review Samsung Gear and read about its specs and feature so that decision of buying become easy. Here is the review of Virtual Reality headset Samsung Gear.

    Samsung Gear was first launched on 27th November 2015 which is specially designed for SmartPhones by Samsung electronics in collaboration of Oculus. This Gear was only compatible with one or 2 latest mobile phones, with a field view of only 96 degrees and also it was expensive. But the new updated Gear has launched recently on 2nd August 2016, which can be used with more Phones like Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+ , note 5, note 7, galaxy S7, and S7 edge with a suitable price and updated features.


    The new Gear is bigger than the previous device, the old version of Gear has a glossy white plastic which has been replaced with black matte plastic so now it's fully a black headset. Due to this external change of plastic it a gives a very mature and polished look while the previous version seemed to be just like a toy.

    The matte black interior is the opposite of superficial. The main goal here is to stop glare from the displays bouncing around and causing distortions and to that extent, Samsung has succeeded in stopping the outside light from coming inside and is comparatively better than Oculus Rift in this condition.

    As like other VR headsets Gear also relies on couple of straps to wear the headset one strap will go over the top of your head while other will go around the back of your head similarly keeping in mind the comfortability there is a small velcro spot in the back strap which will make it simple by attaching the straps.

    New Feature

    As you know the updated Gear headset can also be used with old phones which are compatible with VR technology but the only change you have to do is switch out the connector because in this device Samsung has also introduced a USB type C connection and only Galaxy Note 7 is enabled with USB-C, while other phones are enabled with micro USB.


    Similarly, the updated Gear is wider and taller than the previous generation which is a great news, especially for glasses wearers because it can be used easily without taking off glasses. Further, comparing with the last generation you will feel the headset light weighted with the new SmartPhones and there are two layers of foam around the edge where the headset touches your face so this means that the comfort level in this new Samsung Gear VR is very high.


    There is two lens inside the Gear which will convert your mobile screen into a complete Virtual Reality world, for setting the distance of the lens in order to match your eyes there is a small smooth scroll wheel on the top of the headset which will really help you a lot in this case. And exactly one of the major updates in the new Gear VR is that the field of view has been increased from 96 degrees to a full 101 degree which allows a larger field of vision.


    Now if we go back to original Samsung Gear VR it had a touchpad without any text while in next generation a button was added to select things, again in the new Gear device it have a flat touch which only have a raised line in the center that determine the middle of the pad, while above the pad there are two buttons which make easy either to go back or jump to home.


    The price of new Samsung Gear VR is $100 which is very reasonable price according to its features and updates, while its previous devices were much expensive. The price is really good only if you have an updated phone like Samsung Galaxy S6 or above versions but if you have an old phone then obviously you have to buy a new flagship smartphone which will obviously become expensive. But if you want to buy Samsung Galaxy Note7 then you will get a 100 special discount on Gear VR along with the awesome content package that includes a great collection of VR games.

    Software and Setup

    For using the Samsung Gear VR for Samsung flagship you have to install Gear VR software but the Gear app is not available for which you have to connect your phone with wifi or a mobile internet data and wear the headset the follow the instruction by an automated voice call install Oculus app. Once you install the oculus app you will see it on your mobile screen just go to the home page of oculus app where you find many Gear VR apps and games download whatever you want. After downloading several VR apps or games connect the headset again and enjoy the world of virtual reality.


    Looking towards the new Gear VR which has improved a lot then the previous generations, with some pretty changes like its fantastic look, the new home button, adding of USB-C connection and expanding its field of view, with the addition of these features it will definitely convert your VR compatible smartphone to a complete VR world. Similarly, with the improvement of device design and features it also has a very handsome price of just 100$.

    I hope that this Samsung Gear review will make it easy for you to decide either to go for it or buy any other VR headset for your Smartphone. :thumbsup:

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